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A very early painting of our Founder Peter – “the tree in the woods”

Who not just loves coffee?

It’s not that, that coffee is something to drink. It’s even more the taste of it. Such a strong and herb taste is seldom in the nature. Do you remember the times, you woke up as a child and smelled the fresh coffee of your parents for the breakfast, before going to work?

So, coffee is more than a drink. It’s a feeling 🙂


We, the Richardts.de, are a small company specialized to IT, Education, Food in all forms and Modern Art. Our founders are still working every day in our company, Julia since 1985 and Peter since 1979. We love it everyday, to have them with us.

Hang loose



Cloud Service Map for AWS and Azure Available Now

Source: https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/cloud-service-map-for-aws-and-azure-available-now/ Today, we are pleased to introduce a new cloud service map to help you quickly compare the cloud capabilities of Azure and AWS services in all categories. Whether you are planning a multi-cloud solution with Azure and AWS, or simply migrating to Azure, you will be able to use this service map to …

Establishing a Site2Site VPN-Connection between AVM FritzBox (7490 or 7580) and pfSense (Azure VPN Gateway not working well)

What at least solved my problem I tried various VPN Gateways as virtual machines from other vendors. The best (because of logging and “debugging” functions) free version was pfSense from Netgate Using the following guide gave me the idea, that it could function: https://znil.net/index.php?title=FritzBox_-_Site_to_Site_VPN_zu_pfSense_2.2 Change the Remote Gateway in pfSense to your dynamic Fritzbox IP. …

Conditional Access – Updates for Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security

Today we’ve watched the Microsoft Mechanics Webcast about the conditional access. And we’ve configured it directly into our own Azure AD. The settings are somehow limited but it’s a good starting point for everyone. You should really intend to use those features. Why should someone from the other end of the world be able to …


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