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A very early painting of our Founder Peter – “the tree in the woods”

Who not just loves coffee?

It’s not that, that coffee is something to drink. It’s even more the taste of it. Such a strong and herb taste is seldom in the nature. Do you remember the times, you woke up as a child and smelled the fresh coffee of your parents for the breakfast, before going to work?

So, coffee is more than a drink. It’s a feeling 🙂


We, the Richardts.de, are a small company specialized to IT, Education, Food in all forms and Modern Art. Our founders are still working every day in our company, Julia since 1985 and Peter since 1979. We love it everyday, to have them with us.

Hang loose



Microsoft – The explanimators – blockchain

Microsoft – The explanimators – blockchain Blockchain ist in aller Munde, sei es bei Banken, VertragsabschlĂźssen, Wahlen und mehr. Aber was verbirgt sich hinter dem Buzzword? DarĂźber klärt die neue „The Explanimators“-Episode auf – diesmal im Rahmen einer intergalaktischen Geschichte. Blockchain ist ein digitales und dezentrales Kassenbuch, das eine transparente und permanente Aufzeichnung von Aktivitäten …


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